Moving mentorship moments

An update on things zombie-musical for you all.  It’s very exciting.  Moving, even (although that bit’s not till the bottom of the page…)

  1. We found our director, the new musical supremo and unabashed nerd Adam Lenson, whose impeccable credentials for the project include an unfinished degree in medicine (the show is set in a medical school) and a boundless enthusiasm for lo-fi sci-fi.

Here we are at our upgraded-from-Costa slightly fancy French cafe in up-and-coming Finsbury Park, joyfully hacking up the latest draft of the script.  IMG-20171203-WA0006_resized

2. We have found our MD for Progress Lab 1 (and I hope beyond), the prodigiously talented and wonderfully generous Tim Sutton, who’s been tutoring me on my first year on BML.

3. We have confirmed that the title of the musical is indeed to be “REANIMATOR – a zombie musical”.  Our show was originally inspired by an old H.P. Lovecraft novella called “Herbert West: Reanimator” but the story has now changed so much from that original that we were to-ing and fro-ing about whether to give it a new name.  The book’s out of copyright, as Lovecraft died in 1937 – but we just wanted to mark out the show as our own, new thing.  But dammit, it’s a good title, so we’re sticking with it.  Just look at it: REANIMATOR.  Not convinced?  Try this:


(a zombie musical)

See what I did there?

4. We have done a LOT of work.  The first bit of the show is shaping up.  And Adam, along with Tim and Lettie (the mastermind at Stiles and Drewe HQ) have done a LOT of work, finding us a fairly gobsmacking cast for Progress Lab no 1 on the 12th December.  Details of that will be tweeted and the rest.  For now, I just wanted to share what has been (for me) the moving bit.  On Friday we arranged a little pre-rehearsal, as there’s a lot of material for the cast to get on top of for Monday week.  So I turned up at 130 at Mousetrap’s rehearsal room in Shaftesbury Ave to meet the cast and hear them have a crack at the stuff.  I was nervous.  All this dreaming and imagining and doubting and wondering.  Would it make sense?  Would it sound any good?

So when Tim took masterfully to the keys and led our seven singers (with staggering efficiency) through the songs and I finally heard these gorgeous voices breathing life into my ridiculous zombie tunes, I was  – almost  – overcome. Tears stood tentatively in my eyes, before being blinked Britishly back into their ducts.

Here’s a picture of the moment. Which conveys absolutely none of the emotion.


More soon….


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